Modern house with triple garage

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Through these we intend to present the facade of a modern house with triple garage . This data is among its most notable features as we will see later.

In addition we have the upper floor that protrudes to the front giving us a cantilevered ceiling that is very much with the rest of the house. The entrance through stone tiles and the sloping roof in the pedestrian entrance are a touch that we can not fail to highlight.


Regarding the triple garage we must say that this has a total of three sliding doors. Left and right panels at the same height while the panel is protruding. So we can only open one door at a time.

The vehicles inside this garage are stored in parallel as they enter. This we can write down through the doors of which we spoke previously.

There is not much more that we should name about this house, we just leave it with its modern style so you can appreciate it by your own accounts.

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