Modern terraced house facades

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We bring a nice collection of images of houses together , a construction that is commonly and often referred to as terraced houses .

Modern terraced facades

By sharing part of the structure the exterior design of this type of housing presents an aesthetic line that is replicated in each housing unit. The modern terraced houses share one or two medianeras, this makes its construction a little more economical, as it reduces the amount of structure needed to support the roof of the house.

This type of building is also known as twin houses, a name that derives from the fact that its facade is usually the same or at least very similar.

We invite you to browse through this catalog of terraced houses for some modern examples of this generally duplex style of construction.

 Facades of modern semi-detached houses

 Facades of modern terraced houses

Facades beautiful townhouses

Pictures of modern semi-detached houses

Pictures of modern terraced houses

 Facades of modern semi-detached houses

Facades Modern terraced houses

We hope you have found interesting this small compilation of images of modern townhouses, and look forward to your comments.

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