More types of house façades

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We can now find a wide variety of house facades , these can even be found here in our own catalog. Personally I like to be able to visualize different types of façades in order to find defects and virtues in them.

Types of facades of houses

As we advance in our adventure knowing different fronts of housing these will allow us to learn more and more about the existing architecture in them. When we talk about the disadvantages that a facade can have, it is seldom referred to a building problem, they are generally aesthetic matters.

Types of facades

Existing facade types currently can not be cataloged in full. It is such a variety that we will find in the different styles developed over time around the world that we can only try to name some of them.

More types of facades of houses

If you would like to find more types of façades you can use this note created earlier here.

All this has a single objective, is to learn together as we pass through one image and another being of different qualities. The highlights of each will be marked step by step.

We say goodbye then leaving them with the different designs they can see hoping they are to their liking and useful for the purpose they are looking for.

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