Narrow house with beautiful facade

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We started this delivery telling you that it is a narrow house with a facade and that it is extremely beautiful everywhere you look at it. It has many features that we will go into detail below.

We will begin, unlike other times, from the bottom up. This will allow us to go deeper with all the materials and appliques that this facade has.

At the bottom we see a garden in which grass or grass predominates. To it is added lights and a slightly lateralized road. On the sides, as an additional, we have a wooden fence.


The staircase allows us to reach the house which is slightly elevated. There we find the entrance door made of glass and aluminum. At its side is a large window made in individual boxes.

The balcony, on the other hand, is on the top floor and has a French window on your way out.

To finish we have an asymmetrical gable roof of the most beautiful and gives a unique finish.

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