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The company Northern facades is dedicated to the manufacture of different grip systems for ventilated facades. Here we are going to tell you more as it can be useful if you are looking for options for facades of houses.

It also includes in its catalog systems of stone facades and the placement of placings. Currently it is located in Cedera, La Coruña; You can find more information at

Image: Façades of the north North

Some of the brands worked by this facade company are STROW, also FIX and THOR.

Among the most prominent products are ventilated facades, a system of building fronts of houses, buildings and other structures with absolutely spectacular details.

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If you want to know more about house façades we recommend visiting our section on tips for home façades < / A> or also take a look at the note that speaks of an excellent design of Front in bricks seen . Any of these will allow you to expand your understanding of what is important when building.


Returning to the central axis of our article we tell you that they have good experience in the construction, refurbishment, remodeling and rehabilitation of facades of all kinds. No matter the age, size or type of material used.

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In addition to this we add that, in case your facade is old you should consult with the local authorities of your town before proceeding with reforms. In certain cases, authorizations or certain aesthetic details are needed so that they do not get lost.

So we end this section to talk about northern facades and services related to this company.

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