Paint shades for facades

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Today we want to take a special time to talk with you about paint shades for facades . We will be in agreement to say that the color of paint that we choose to paint a house can be the tone that we like, but without a doubt we will have to take into account the style of construction so that it does not disentangle with the construction.

Today we have a beautiful two-story house model painted with 4 different color combinations , a practical way to corroborate how only the difference of tones used in the exterior painting of the house can change its Aesthetics in a notorious way.

We have two models in warm paint tones for facades

 warm paint tones for facades

Warm tones for facades

 Cold paint shades for facades
The choice of the facade paint tone will also depend on the area of ​​which the building is part, the characteristics of the climate and other factors.

We hope to have brought clarity on this exciting subject: the colors for façades of modern houses.

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