Photos of country houses

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If you like nature and the outdoors, you will certainly enjoy these particular country house photos, as they will transport you to those beautiful, green plains that remind us so much of Freedom.

We decided to end the week enjoying with our readers this collection of photos of country houses on one and two floors, as they are a breath of fresh air loaded with style and charm. You will find that some of these façades are finished in rustic materials such as exposed brick or natural stones, while other façades combine fine plasters with aggregates, all of them have four or four-story ceilings, giving a touch Very pleasant to the outside of these rustic constructions.

We invite you to enjoy this compilation of images of country houses , hoping to tell us which one was to your liking.

 Photos of country houses

 facades of country houses with brick seen

 facades of country houses with swimming pool

 facades of rustic cottages

 facades of country houses
We hope to have you soon here again by enjoying our beautiful images of house façades.

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