Pictures of houses with trapezoidal roof

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House roofing sheets and many other types of roofing are often used, since this roof prototype is often cheaper and more accessible than traditional concrete roofs, commonly known as slab roofs. That is why today we want to offer photos of houses with trapezoidal roof , so that our readers know the advantages of the roofs of sheets, at the same time they can check how beautiful they can be. P>

Trapezoidal sheet metal roofs

Making a sheet metal roof is a relatively simple task, only the guidance of a builder or architect is required to know the technical specifications of the roof. Generally the houses with roofs of sheet have a structure of suspenders of solid or reconstructed wood that works like support of the plates; Between the wood structure and the trapezoidal sheets, the placement of glass wool or other insulation is recommended, as this type of sheet usually becomes very hot during the summer, and it will be necessary to properly isolate the same for a comfortable home. >







We hope these models of trapezoidal roofing for family homes have been interesting. Until next time!

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