Rancher style house facade with stones

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This facade has a clear ranchero style and on the house we will speak on this occasion. It is one of the most interesting that we have treated referred to this class and that is why we invite you to know it.

With regard to its height we must say that it is due to it has 2 floors which makes it a large house wherever you look. Not only we have the use of two floors but also the width of the house is considerable. We can then see how many things it is possible to know based on the facade of a house.

 Ranch-style house facade with stones

This facade of ranchero style house with stones only has this material on one side, the rest is revoked with traditional cement.

The front garage allows you to shelter vehicles from inclement weather. However, it does not have a front gate, something that can be added without problems.

So we ended up knowing this very particular front that we have decided to present in this article.

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