Remodeled house facade

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What we bring here is nothing less than the fa├žade of a remodeled house that can serve to see the changes that have been carried out. In fact, the main job was in the maintenance of masonry, openings and of course the roof.

We will also find an extension of the front projection to the second floor giving a scarce 2 square meters more to the house. This, beyond a practical question, has to do with the aesthetic and leave a good final result in the finish.

facade Home-remodeling

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Also the main color of the house was modified, it was white in the beginning.

Finally, we indicate that the openings were practically the same. Only one main entry was added to the front, in the left area. This formerly corresponded to a further window that extended downwards, placing a door with two narrow leaves in line with the old style of the house.

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