Rustic facades with wood

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Wood has been used in the construction of the first moments of civilization, and from there its use has been perfected and even transforming into aesthetic additions that bring a very particular style to homes. We want to offer a special space in our web to rustic facades with wood , so we invite you to know some different and interesting examples.

Rustic style facades

We can find charming rustic facades as this example of a thatched cottage.


But it is also possible to have complete houses made of treated wood or simply using tree trunks in combination with other materials, these are some examples of wood facades .

 facades of houses made with wood

rustic style facades


In the same way it is possible to find modern rustic facades as the example that we will share next, these are rustic facades of stone and wood , ideal for the cold climates where a good isolation of the Inclement weather.

 rustic facades of stone and wood

As you will have noticed, there are many ways in which it is possible to use wood in the construction of lovely homes, from here we say goodbye hoping you have enjoyed this beautiful compilation of images of houses with wood.

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