Rustic house with stones on 2 floors

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We will begin this tour through a rustic stone house that is really well laid out. Above all, these are not all over the surface but have shifted to the right and extend upwards. In this way it is possible to leave a place with traditional plaster. The same can be done in graphite or lime, sand and cement.

The roofs are made with a steep slope and generally go to the side and to the front.

Rustic house facade


The lighting is remarkable in this house as well as the shape and size of the openings. Perhaps we should point out that the front door is rather narrow.

The driveway, meanwhile, has marble for the floor and small columns.

Hoping that this rustic house with stones on 2 floors is what you were looking for, we say goodbye until the next article in which we will be seeing another similar house.

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