SATE facades

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Today we want to tell you about the SATE facades , this is a company dedicated to rebuilding fronts by using different techniques in which it is a leader in the sector.

This is how a facade can be reformed and rehabilitated with the implementation of its systems. There is in his work the use of quality materials and the guarantee of the work done.

SATE facades

Among other things we find in SATE façades the monolayer system with acrylic grated, acrylic drop and even acrylic cast iron. The implementation of the same is well specified in its official website.


The SATE behaves like an insulation of the facade, in the outermost layer of the facade. Generally it is looked for by its high thermal insulation and can be implemented to facades of buildings like to particular houses.

In addition, the SATE façade system is equally useful for new works such as renovations or renovations.

Sika ThermoCoat System, Puma Traditerm, Stotherm Sto System, Rhodamine System of Isaval Paints, Montotemper System of Pinturas Montó, Mapmatemm System of Ibermapei, Webertherm System of Weber, Sateffic System of Blatem Paints and Wallterm System of Reveton .

These are some of the products we can access when contracting the SATE façades.

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