Shopping center minimalist facades

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With the sole aim of being able to see minimalist facades of shopping center is that we created this current catalog. In this way you can get a better idea of ​​the trends that currently exist in the market if they are in the process of doing a similar project.

At the bottom of each image you can see more information about the origin of the image and so you can contact the owners or the designers of the façade of the shopping center.

We will start with one that may not fully comply with the minimalist concept. It is slightly more recharged than the rest although we did not want to miss the opportunity to present it.

Facades Of shopping mall

We have a very innovative design afterwards, this is El Edén shopping center. In addition to very striking shapes and the use of V-shaped columns, it is possible to find a large space intended for signage.

 View minimalist facades of shopping center

 Minimalist facades of shopping
 Facades minimalist of shopping center

 Facade minimista shopping center

We end up with one that conveys an idea of ​​constant modernity, with a model of London itself or of any great metropolis in its central area, is a front to be admired.

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