Simple house facade in light colors

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Maybe with the title simple house facade in light colors we are not giving you great information about what this front of house has to offer. However, later, we will go deeper into the subject in order to give you a better idea about it.

It is a house, part of a larger complex, which has certain duplex features in its design.

 Simple house facade in light colors

Part of the apartment is at the bottom and the rest at the top. Nevertheless, and as it is visible in the facade, has been destined a zone for the guarding of vehicles.

While this will reduce lighting in a good part of the house, it is an ideal solution to keep part of the ventilation and light entering it and at the same time have a place to store the car or motorcycle. Personally I think it’s an ideal way of doing things.

We can also see how facade does not extend so wide, with only 7 m it is possible to have the whole house.

Do not forget to see the image of this simple house fa├žade to know what are the light colors we are talking about and the other features we have detailed above.

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