Simple house facade on 2 floors

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We consider this as a simple house facade on 2 floors , something you will surely share. In fact, the upper part, and the whole house in general, do not stand out because of their large size, reaffirming even more the idea of ​​simplicity.

However, despite this, we do not want to stop presenting here a facade so interesting for those who require economic options. In addition, minimalism is a way of life.

At the top we see a sloping roof with a steep slope. All this is in one direction so we can talk about a “roof slope”.


As we go down we find a large window that is composed of a fixed panel. It is made of safety tempered glass.

Below, on the ground floor, there is a side door made of sheet metal with white epoxy paint and a large window door. The latter will undoubtedly serve as the main entrance due to its size and location.

We ended up knowing about this simple house in 2 floors of which we present the front in question.

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