Simple house models

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Whenever I want to find simple house models I usually find sophisticated houses more easily, which is why I dedicate this note to showing some beautiful single-storey house facades. Strong>.

You will find on this note beautiful fronts for family houses that will not exceed your budget.

Facades of small and pretty houses

Undoubtedly this collection of images brings together some of the most beautiful facades of small and beautiful houses .

You will see very soon that there are examples of nice houses for all tastes, so you will probably find the model you are looking for.

These are some of the facades of simple houses with gabled roofs, you can see that some of them have a beautiful front gallery that allow us to enjoy the outdoors to the shelter of the sun.

Simple house models

Fronts of simple houses

Facades Of simple houses

 Models of simple houses of a plant

 Models of single-storey houses

Models of simple houses with garden
In particular these are facades of houses with straight roofs, unlike the previous ones they do not have tiles in the upper part, but it is a straight ceiling that provides us with a nice but much simpler finish.

 Models of simple houses with straight ceiling

 Models of simple houses with bars
We hope you have enjoyed these beautiful and simple one-story houses, without a doubt these are examples of cheap houses fronts, soon we will be sharing more images of modern, new, simple homes.

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