Single-storey house facades

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Frequently we are asked facades of single-storey houses , something that we are going to respond to through this article. It is a series of images of one-story houses that are mostly modern and pleasing to the eye.

 Photos of facades of single-storey houses  One-storey house facades 1

The photograph itself indicates a facade seen from the front and that is limited. The roofs are generally with fall towards the four sides which also indicates a tendency in the same.

We can say that some of them are facades of small houses on one floor, others are quite large. In any case they are models that we can use when making a new design, here is not everything said and we can always give them an extra touch of imagination.

 Facades of single-storey houses  Images of facades of one-storey houses 2

The colors are pleasing to the eye, they range from pastel to blue in some cases.

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