Sky-colored houses facades

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Today, what we want to share are beautiful examples of houses painted in light colors.

Undoubtedly the color of the sky is not one of the most chosen tones to paint the front of the house, but you can recognize its beauty by looking at the examples we share below.

Heavenly facades

There are many celestial tones for facades that we can find in the market, a wide range that ranges from bluish blue to pale blue. These tones can be perfectly combined with white, blue, gray and some other tones of moderate palettes.

Browse this small catalog of celestial house facades , you may find an example of the style you want to apply to yours.

 Façades of blue and white houses

Celestial facades


 Facades of beautiful houses of celestial color

 Facades of large houses of celestial color

 Façades of celestial colored wooden houses

Facades of houses of celestial color
We said goodbye hoping to have offered you interesting options to paint a facade of celestial color.

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