Stones for facades

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One way to give it a charming touch, and also because it is not modern, is to use front stones for facades . The types of stone for façades on the market today are many and very different.

Natural stones for facades

The first differentiation that we have to take into account when choosing stones to cover façades of houses is if we want to use natural stones or similar stone

 Porphyry for facades of houses

Rustic stones for facades of houses

 Stones for facades

Fronts of houses with rustic stones

False stone for exteriors

Facades With rustic stones

Amongst the natural stones for fronts of houses we can mention: rustic stones, quartzite, slate stones, galarza stones, travertine, pizzara, sandstone, natural stone slivers, red travertine, among many others.

Then we can also opt for similar stone exterior coatings, in the market there are very good materials within this category, with excellent finishing, which can be placed on the front, against front and even on the floor and pretend to be natural stone .

Outdoor Fachaletas

 Ceramic similar stone for exteriors  Ceramic similar stone for exteriors color oxide  Simil stone for façades

You must take into account that both natural stones and similar stone coverings are sold per square meter, to know the price of such material you will have to calculate the meters to be covered by the price per m2 of the chosen material.

We hope to have shared useful information to choose natural and artificial stones for exteriors of houses. Until next time!

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