Three-story house with stone cladding

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This is a 3-story stone-clad house that spans over a plot of at least 80 square meters. The sum of all its floors gives us approximately 240 square meters of covered surface.

The environments we will find here are:

Two garages for a total of 3 vehicles, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, 3 bedrooms, a multipurpose room, a utility room and a large storage room on the ground floor.

 Three-story house with stone cladding

With regard to the fa├žade, which we have left for the end, we can see that we have a good part of it covered in stone. Meanwhile, the rest is composed of a traditional plaster that is only interrupted by the openings.

 Flat with 3 floorsrecovered in stone

 Three-story house plan with stone cladding

Three floors with cladding
The gray finish matches the rest of the details (especially the stone) and also with the wood of the balcony.

We finished this house in a total of three floors partially covered in stone. Any questions or comments can be made in the section available for this purpose in the lower section.

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