Two-Story House Facades

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Double-fronted house facade styles is the theme that brings us together today and we will address in this note, we will focus mainly on the modern and avant-garde style.

Double-height constructions can be a major challenge, but the result will also be consistent.

Having a larger surface, and being able to play with the structure on two levels, we can achieve much more imposing facades, when compared to the one-story constructions.

In the modern facades of double-storey houses models we will be able to appreciate different types of roofs (inclined, straight, four-way and cantilevered), different styles of walls and, above all, Of very different coatings.

We invite you to discover the charm of all these fa├žade designs for two-story houses .





Before we say goodbye, we encourage you to comment, we would be very pleased to know which of these models of modern fronts for houses was the one that most captivated.

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