Ventilated facades

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A series of ventilated facades that from this site we want to provide you for your comfort. So you can see the mechanism used in facades that allow them to work as they should.

The ventilated facades are on the order of those who seek a better ventilation of the houses making them regulate the temperature naturally. Thus, and economically, it is possible to keep the temperature low even if the masonry is glazed.

Ventilated facades

To continue, and following this theme of ventilated fronts, we have to say that they are becoming more fashionable and, in the long run, they are usually cheaper.

Contrary to what can be assumed, a ventilated facade, requires great maintenance and its durability is similar to that of a traditional wall.

To finish we leave with these postcards that show a facade of this type and drawings with the mechanism that allows the ventilation due.

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