Chinese weevil what do weevil eat?

Chinese weevils are a very well-regarded species for the cure of diseases because they have inside them a chemical composition that helps us to improve our immune system against diseases that they think are incurable but , With the belief of many people it has been proven that these insects can cure them.

That is why a part of the population has decided to raise them to be able to have farms and to take advantage of its beneficial components for the relatives, acquaintances and friends of these, so we will introduce you in this article, Eat Chinese weevil when they are in a wild and domestic habitat.

What do the Chinese weevils eat?

Mainly we must understand that they are fully herbivorous beings so they feed on pure plantations, so they can adapt quickly to any type of crop of plants found.

Their main sources of food are as follows:

  • Corn grains: So much has fed them, that has created a species that only grows within these plantations, so it has become as its top number one in food.
  • Rice grains: Yes you can realize that when we buy a package of rice or any other way that these come, if we leave some time we can see that they begin to reproduce there, One of your preferences when devouring.
  • Wheat plantations: No doubt they have been a terrible plague for the harvesters of these plantations, because they also destroy this type of plants that are exquisite for them. So you can give them when you have them as a farm.

There are also other things that eat Chinese weevils, among them are: black beans, red beans, beans, chickpeas and other grains that are rich in minerals, Have seen that they have preferences for some plants that do not have grains as fruits.

Chinese Weevil Is it true that they can also feed on human blood?

This is an issue that many have given to investigate and we can ensure that they do not attack the human race, because it is not in their nature. They only do it when they see themselves in danger and tend to suck on our blood, which will not hurt if they were only a few milliliters of blood. Nor is it known that you can contract them with any serious illness.

It should also be noted that cases have been seen that they accept to eat any type of vegetable, such as: Carrots, garlic, cucumbers, and other family vegetables.

If you have a Chinese weevil farm you would recommend to choose to feed them any type of grain, as it fulfills the natural function of them and will help your colony grow to levels that You never expected Remember that you have to regulate it by security measures, since they can invade your house and it is a long job to exterminate them after they are planted in a site.

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