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If you’ve ever wondered where Chinese weevils live, you’ll be glad to know that you’re not the only one. These small, slippery insects always appear near our food or crops, and disappear in the same way; Without leaving any trace. The funny thing of all, is that the answer to this question is simpler than we thought.

In your food is where the Chinese weevils live

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In order to know where the Chinese weevils live, you must first know where they come from. Female weevils deposit hundreds of eggs in all grains, vegetables, tubers and basically any organic food they can find (especially if they are in the form of flakes, small pieces or powder); And these eggs begin to be born in a matter of days. That’s why it gives the impression that they just appeared in your meal and now.

Chinese weevils usually remain close to their food source until they reach maturity. Then they embark on the longest adventure of their lives, in order to find more organic foods to eat and reproduce. Once this objective has been achieved, the females proceed to deposit the eggs in these foods.

If they feel threatened, Chinese weevils will disperse and continue to move until they find a new source of food and the life cycle will begin again.

Basically, Chinese weevils (like other weevils) are born, grow and if possible, they also live the rest of their lives on top of organic food.

So the next time you see Chinese beetles coming out of your box of cereal or rice, do not think they came from somewhere else, because they most likely lived there all their life.

That is why farmers consider them a pest, and it is for this very reason that you should seal and store your food correctly and safely.

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