Wooden cabin facade

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We usually treat cabins within a very particular category, that of rustic houses. Here we are going to see one that, although it is a wooden cabin , its façade will demonstrate to us that it is possible to have a modern style simultaneously.

Wooden cabin facade

On its front we notice that there is a narrow side, which gives the facade meanwhile, on one of its sides we will see the longer side. In spite of this we find that the pedestrian path made in stone takes us to any of these places.

Hut facades

There is also a porch that extends far enough to cover a small window, the entrance door (which by the way is a window door) and the fireplace.

 how to make wooden huts

Our main objective in this presentation is to provide you with a cheap wooden hut, as it could be one of El Pinar. In addition you can get a clearer idea about the construction of wooden hut of this type.

Finally we must indicate that the roof is completely lined in ceramic tiles. Water drains through gutters and drains. The balcony of the upper part is fully integrated into the house where the walls conform to the same roof.

Another point to keep in mind is the precaution we must have when buying prefabricated wooden cabins, these should be analyzed in depth and well-known if we are going to access one.

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