Wooden doors for facades

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On this occasion we will talk about wooden doors for facades . These are usually chosen for a matter of distinction and good taste, however there are certain cons that we will also review.

Wooden doors for facades

A wooden door is, undoubtedly, a detail that does not go unnoticed in any facade of the house. It gives a finish that goes well with virtually any type of masonry. If this is accompanied by the other openings in the same tone of wood the detail already becomes exquisite.

The wooden doors for fa├žades that we see in the picture just one example tries to be demonstrative of what can be achieved with so little. Otherwise, this front

As cons we should name the need for greater maintenance by its owners. To preserve the wood in a door, window or garage door this must be treated once a year. The shape will ensure a virtually indefinite useful life.

Of course, we can also do a treatment every three or five years. However, it is possible that the wood will be resent after some time. This will also greatly depend on the quality of wood (which is measured in terms of its hardness).

We hope these tips on wooden facade doors can be useful and applied to your next openings.

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